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What happens in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy?

There are a number of different approaches to Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) is just one of them.   When having CBH we will look at your thoughts, beliefs and feelings about your particular issue, and we will discuss this and challenge any cognitive (thinking) errors that you may have.  You will be shown how to relax your body and mind to make it easier for you to experience hypnosis, so your focus is on the positive suggestions, visualisations and rehearsal of situations suggested to you. This helps us to change unhelpful patterns of thinking which adversely influences our moods and behaviours. 

Is it the same as Comedy Stage Hypnosis?

No, Stage Hypnosis is completely different.  Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy helps people overcome a wide range of issues, Stage Hypnosis is for entertainment purposes only. 

How long is a session?
Face to face sessions are one hour long, however the initial session is one and a half hours long.  Smoking cessation is 2 hours per session. Online sessions are 55 minutes approx. (a recording of hypnosis will be attached to your recap e-mail, no hypnosis will take place online). The client is responsible for ensuring security, and an appropriate platform for their needs.  Please note that studies have shown online therapy to be just as effective as face to face sessions.  

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on why you are having Hypnotherapy, and on a number of factors, however, on average 4 - 8 sessions are usually sufficient. If you have been suffering with an issues for a long time, more sessions may be needed. Longer term therapy is also available if needed.

How will I feel when I'm in Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a very pleasant experience, and you will feel very relaxed. Hypnosis is not like sleep, as you are in complete control at all times, this means that if you needed to shift your position, cough etc you would be able to. People often say when in Hypnosis it feels similar to being absorbed in a good book or film, because you are focused and interested in what is going on whilst feeling relaxed, you may be aware of noises around you, but you are not focused on them. 

Will I get stuck in Hypnosis?

No, this has never happened. You will be brought gently out of Hypnosis, and will not leave the session until you are totally alert. You will be fully able and alert enough to drive home.  You will be perfectly able to go about your normal routine, alhough it is highly likely you will feel more calm and peaceful.

Will Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy (CBH) work for me?

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is very powerful and works quickly and effectively for the majority of people. Client commitment, motivation, and participation has a huge influence on results. If you are ready and committed to change,  there is no reason why CBH should not work for you, giving you quick and long lasting results.  Techniques and recordings are given to clients to practice / listen to between sessions where appropriate.

How much is each session?

Hypnotherapy sessions cost £70 for an hour (face to face).  The inital session costs £90 (face to face), and this is an hour and a half. Online sessions are £60 and are approx. 55 minutes (please ask to find out how these session work).  Please note that online sessions are just as affective as face to face sessions (please see my online testimonials as evidence of this).

Smoking cessation sessions are £175 for a 2 hour session, a £50 deposit for smoking cessation is required the week before your session to secure your appointment, please note that this is not refundable.  Once the deposist is received I will send an e-mail with some detailed, and essential information on how to prepare yourself to become a non smoker. (Not avalible online).

Payment for sessions is by cash (only if you have arranged this before your session), or bank transfer on the day of your session at the lastest.

Cancellation of sessions.

Your time is important, and so is mine, therefore at least 24 hours notice is required for cancellations, otherwise the cost of the session is still payable.

If you arrive late for your session, the end time will remain the same as originally arranged.

Can I have Hypnotherapy if I am taking medication?

Yes, you can, however, I strongly advise all clients to contact their medical practitioner before starting Hypnotherapy if you are experiencing pain, long term health conditions, or have any diagnosed mental health issues. Please note that if you are experiencing significant mental health conditions, CBH may not be suitable for you. All clients will be asked to complete a health questionnaire during their first session.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss further.

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