In a busy world we can often get caught up in the stress of day to day life, we rush around without really noticing how we are feeling.  I teach simple Mindfulness techniques to clients to help with stress, anxiety and many other issues.

What is Mindfulness? In a nutshell Mindfulness is a simple meditation, focusing  on the present moment with acceptance of the here and now, acknowledging your thoughts, feelings and how your body is feeling at that time without judgement and without activey trying to change anything.

Mindfulness can help us understand ourselves more, and can make us more aware of when we are starting to find life stressful , this helps us to know when to take action to improve things.

"Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally". ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

Take a moment now, what can you see, hear, feel, smell, and taste?

Mindfulness can be practiced every day,  and you can do this anywhere! Mindfulness helps us to manage our thoughts and feelings, focusing on the present moment, rather than on what has previously happened or, on what may happen in the future. This can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

I also run small, friendly local mindfulness groups (4 sessions), which can be attended alongside Hypnotherapy sessions, or separately.  Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about this. info@kmhypnotherapy.co.uk / 07970 553752.


 SMOKING KILLS! We all know that smoking is bad for our health, however due to the addictiveness of this habit, it can be hard to give up without help.

Giving up smoking greatly improves your health, it makes you look and smell better,  gives you more energy, helps you live longer, and protects the health of your children, family and friends. It will also save you a great deal of money!


Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is one of the most affective ways of giving up smoking, however,the commitment of the client has a clear impact to the affectiveness of any treatment

What happens in a session??This will differ from person to person, however:

* I will start by expalining the agenda of the session, and you will be assessed for contra-indications.
* We will discuss you reasons for wanting to give up smoking.
* Trigger situations are identified for relapse prevention.
* Simple cue controlled relaxation techniques are taught to be used as a stress management tool.
* I will teach you thought stopping, and positive coping statements.
* We reherse copimg with a range of mentally challenging situations, and learn positive affirmations, and coping statements.
* You will experience  hypnosis.
* We discuss ego-strengthening and self-efficacy to focus on controlling habits.
* We have a quitting ceremony!
* Post treatment is discussed / on going support is offerered.



Session cost: £175 for 2 hours (normally 1 session is needed, including regular e-mail / phone support)

Contact details: Tel: 07970 553752 E-mail: info@kmhypnotherapy.co.uk  www.facebook.com/kmhypnotherapyinfo

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